About me

In March 2020 I will turn I turned* 50 years of age.
I got had* big plans for the year ahead.

Somewhere in Finland ///  Photo: NorthCape4000 / Matteo Dunchi // Summer 2018

My name is Pablo. I live in Switzerland and I am an active ultra distance cyclist. In recent years he has completed/raced/taken part in:

2017 – Torino Nice Rally – 640Km / 16000vM – 6 Days – Some images here >
2018 – North Cape 4000 – 4378Km / 32000vM – 14 Days 7 Hours 15 Minutes – 27th 
2019 – Transatlanticway – 2340Km / 23000vM – 7 Days 20 Hours – 14th – Some images here >

I am registered for the 2020 North Cape – Tarifa.
Starting at midnight on June 20, the NCT ia a 7300Km unsupported cycling “Adventure” from the northest to the southest point of continental Europe. It crosses 15 countries and climbs 80.000 vertical meter.
According to RIDEFAR.INFO, the NCT would be one of the longest unsupported cycling adventure races of the world.
(Second longest Road Bike after the World by Bike Challenge ??)

Interested in my other me.
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