In 2018 I rode the 4300Km of the NC4K in 14 days with TiZona (a classic racing italian geometry Wittson Supressio). Although the bike is not ideal for the complexities of multi day ultra endurance events, it hold up very well.
On my way to Mager√łya, the island that holds the North Cape, I spent many hours day dreaming and mentally designing what I though it would the perfect bike for this kind of event, and I promised myself that if I would reach the end of the event, I would give myself a new bike.
After the NC4K I approached Wittson about building titanium all-road bicycle built based on my design. They were very kind to give me a hand and that is how Maggie was born.
My biggest concern was confort and durability.
I got 5 flats during the NC4K. Four were snake bites due to riding with low pressure. (I used to inflate to 6-6.5 bar the 25mm Conti GPII) and three of the flats were on a stretch of 3Km of a construction road at the Latvian border.