Corona Time

So I “turned” 50 and my friends save the day. And everything is gonna be ok.

25.March.2020 // My mood is low, very low. The Corona crisis has hitted me hard. All my jobs as a freelance photographer have been cancelled or postponed and it seems that most likely I will have to put my ultra cycling plans for this summer on hold.
Going outside to ride, although allow by the Swiss authorities it seems not very solidary, … so basically i am getting ready for a grumpy birthday.


A criptic message in my phone announces the existance of a present in my mailbox and a video to be unlocked. A selection of not very good photos of me playing with bicycles and an eye watering series of videos of some good friends wishing me a happy birthday. Not only they congratulate me for being old, they present me an amazing present. A brand new (blue) rain jacket that does not need presentation. I am now the proud owner of GORE-ROMANCE Shakedry jacket.

Do I love it? Oh yeeeeah!
Do I look good on it? You betcha! …

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