Family Picture

Because I don’t think that I have actually ever had both bikes together in day light. I had to take a pic. The weight weenie in me was of course awaken.

Wittson Supressio
@ 8.18Kg – As pictured with the mismatched wheels.

Custom self designed Mile Eater/All-Roader
@ 11.69 Kg – As pictured with bags, aeroclips, complete tool kit, Pump, Garmin 525+, Garmin Etrex, Light, Spot Tracer, and electro kit inclusive 10000mA powerbank and camera.


Just for the scientific sake of it, and planning for some gnarly route this coming saturday, I removed all the “Krempel” from Maggie. And shaved 2.3 Kg off the bike.



Because yesterday night I blew the ride not being able to adjust the front derrailleur of Maggie while on the road. (the required hexagon tool in my multitool is too short, and had left the other one behind !!) Today I set myself to get dirty.

I adjusted the front and back derreilleurs, cleaned and oiled most everything and I even “SWAPPED THE BEARINGS” in the back wheel that had developed some play after exactly 13612Km. Seems to be a common defect of Zipp hubs. The process was quite easy, even without the proper tool. Some wood blocks and some ingenuity and it worked. Next time I will document it.
Cool to notice that the new bearings are “Swiss Made” and the original ones are marked “China”. Just saying.

And since I was at it. I organized and repacked the tool/repair kit. Happy to have it at 420g. (without the derraileur hanger)

So … ready for tomorrow. 9.82Kg with front and back lights, computer (525+), full toolkit and waterbottles.
Big mountain day ahead. New “Pablo curated route” properli called “The seven sisters” with 170Km and 4700vm!! Let see how old body holds.

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