Consolation Tour Day 1

DAY 1.

Although I had been expecting it since the breakout of the COVID-19 crisis, facing the reality of the cancellation of the @northcapetarifawas not easy. Most of my year had been planned around the four weeks I reserved to ride across Europe, I had lost my motivation and finding a worthwhile destination for a tour seemed pointless. 

Luckily some unspected jobs popped up and kept me entertained the last couple weeks and quite unprepared, on the morning of July 7th, I took off for a little consolation ride. 

The plan? To cycle unsupported from Basel to Arles in France, crossing national parks, visiting a bunch of lakes, following some rivers and canyons.
On paper, a mellow 1400km in 7 days. Honestly, I thought it was gonna be a walk on the park. 

In mild weather and good spirits, we headed north into the Réserve Naturelle des Ballons Comptois.  (@simone._.eder joined me for most of day one) The beautiful light guided us through surprisingly thick and green forests, blue lakes and lonely roads, providing an unexpected sensory overload. 

The fact that the France map did not load in my GPS and that “I guess” that I forgot to control if @komoot had added too many “off road segments” to my route, was not going to ruin my vacation. Definitely a good start, i keep on repeating to myself.

Later on the day we rode west direction Dijon. We parted ways in the late afternoon. I rode alone a couple  more hours and set camp under the rising almost full moon at Km 217. I shared a quiet field along the Canal de Saône with a gigantic inquisitive hare and a million mosquitoes. 

I dreamed of a poissoness man eating crabs. 

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