Consolation Tour Day 2

First a closed road by fallen trees around kilometer 9.  Then headwind most of the day. Plus the terrible heat of the french July sun. And nothing around. Nothing. Pas de tout. It seems that this part of the Burgundy, of mustard and wine fame, was empty. Villages were desert. Stores closed. Houses for sale. No “Boulangeries” or “Cafés” to be found. I did not even see vineyards.

Finding water was not easy. Had to use some of my ultra cyclist skills. 

To top it, Komoot challenged my off road cycling skill with some interesting route choices. Making my progress even slower. 

As sunset approached, I entered the “Parc Naturel Régionel du Morvan”, the air finally cooled down and everything seemed easier. As I still had not found a shop to resupply. I analysed my options. Checked Google. No shops, hotels or campings around. With a bag of mixed salted nuts, some dry figs and leftover crackers from the previous day. I started to look for a bivy spot.
The Lac du Crescent welcomed me with clouds of angry mosquitos but the views were to pretty to move further. I ate my crackers observing falcons and I fall asleep to a concert of frogs.

Only the landing of an owl in a near tree interrupted once the otherwise delightful night.

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