The Swiss Ultracycling Challenge took place between 2nd and 6th of September 2020. 
The concept was simple. Start at any train station in Switzerland. Visit all the 26 Swiss cantons as fast as possible. Get to Bern before Sunday at noon.

Simone Eder and me raced (for the first time together) as a team. Cap number 104.

Although we “may” have not designed the fastest or the “easiest” route, and probably we were not the most efficient with the ride/stop ratio, we managed to cover 890Km in 2 days and 16h and finish well under our 3 day goal. 
I enjoyed every minute of it. 
The lakes, the hills, the fountains, the postboxes, the short nights, the scary trains, the laughs, the mistakes, the fog, the chase, the silences, the rivers, the train stations, the sunsets, the mornings, the gas stations, the hike-a-bikes, the mountains, and even the last 50k.
“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” says the proverb. I never really understood it till now. It was my first non-solo ultra event. With good company every thing was a bit easier. Thank you Simone!!!. It was a fantastic experience. TCR2022?

Thank you so much to everyone that helped in this crazy trip. Ayten and Thomas for being so incredible generous. Our children for letting us play. Voyage Cycling Store for the support. Marc and Vincent for creating such a wonderful event and investing so much time and energy. To Daniel for being such a great fox. To Roger for actually get out there to cheer on the side of the road. And to Fiona for slowing down next to us at the light stop, long enough to allow us to see that, a) she is not an alien, and b) her bike has brakes.

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