The Swiss Ultracycling Challenge took place between 2nd and 6th of September 2020. 
The concept was simple. Start at any train station in Switzerland. Visit all the 26 Swiss cantons as fast as possible. Get to Bern before Sunday at noon. Simone Eder and me …

Bad nights in Irland 1/3

I find the third day in an ultra endurance event probably the hardest. My Day 3 in the TAW19 was particularly hard. Strava says that I left the hotel I was in Altan at 4:45. It was still pitch dark. Two of the restaurant service …

Registration NCT Live

I am not much of a (in-front-of) camera person, but I was stucked in a cheap motel with a bunch of film equimepent and I thought it would be fun to point a camera at me while I would finally drop the payment for the North Cape – Tarifa registration. (Funny enough, I was so nervous that I started speaking Spanish),
The way I have done it the last couple years. First recover from the summer event. Start to get the call of the road. Start to surf the net. Pick a few events. Make a decision. Start to tell people about it. Tell more people about it. Then some more. Then register. There is no way back. 🙂