Whenever I mention to someone my intention to participate in the NCT, one of the most common reactions I get after the initial “wow!” is:

– “How much does it cost?”.

Well, it costs a lot.
Registration, Travel, Lodging & Food for almost a month… plus all the bike equipment.

Then comes the:
-“… you should set up a go-fund-me site. I would give you some money”

I looked at many “fundrainding” sites. Most of them charge the donor some money pro donation (up to 6%) and all of the them have credit card costs (2.8%).

So I decided to do it a bit different.
I have set up a eShop, where you can buy me something that I will need in my trip.
From AA-Batteries to Plane Tickets.
If you feel like supporting my adventure.
Please do it through this page: eShop
No extra costs. I will get all the money you give me.
Even better.
Mark your payment with the word “HelpChildrenSKK” and I will donate 5% of your payment to the Stiftung für krebskranke Kinder bei der Basel.

– – –